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The following is taken from the book "De Lauter Families in America 1982",
a Genealogy by: Pauline Grace De Lauter Fry.

Author's Acknowledgements

It is the author's desire to gratefully acknowledge the people who have assisted in this project. The family members who furnished material; those DeLauters of which-ever spelling, who were willing to share information with a stranger. The list is too long to name each one individually. However, I am very thankful for your cooperation and assistance.

To my husband, Ralph Fry who has given me the opportunity to pursue this undertaking; who has labored over typewriter, spent vacations visiting courthouses & cemeteries; who has inspired and encouraged me. Without him this project could never have been completed.

To my parents, Ora & Eva Domer De Lauter who gave financial assistance, who laid the foundation for the project in earlier years. To my mother for her patience as she rode miles and miles in the back seat of the car over all kinds of roads.

To Clara and Wilbur Grossnickle, whose "motel" was always open and whose family style "restaurant" served country style meals. Thanks! Clara, who for many years kept records of family births and deaths, who listened to her father Charles Delauter's stories of the family, who was an invaluable source for this Book. I am deeply indebted to both Wilbur and Clara.

To David DeLauter, my nephew, for his efforts in finishing this work.

To gratefully acknowledge Jacob Mehrling Holdcraft for the use of material from the book "Names in Stone."
(Tombstone Inscriptions in Frederick Co. MD)

I wish to express special appreciation to Col. C.C. Harshman and his wife Mavourneen Harshman for use of material from the "Harshman Family, a History & Genealogy."

Also to Ruth Ella Bussard for material from a "Genealogy of Peter Bossert."

To Leah Spade for being a genealogical encyclopedia of Middletown Valley.

Large sections were contributed by the following: for Sec. D. by Dr. Agnes Tarr & Thomas de Lauder; for Sec. J. by Jennie Huntzinger, Mrs. Bessie McHale De Lawter, Marjorie Brink, Mrs. Samuel Parker Laymon, John Goldsmith, Edith B. De Lauder, Shirley Simpson; for Sec. L. by Normal Victor De Lawder, Edith Walls, Garnie Rooker, Mrs. Darl DeLauder, Roy DeLauder; for Sec. G. by Jerry De laughter, Mrs. W.W. De Laughter, Hon. Strom Thurmond, Mrs. Melvie Hardy Walliford, Nolan DeLaughter.

Appendix A. by Charlene Traver.
Appendix B. by Stanley De Laughder.

With the publication of this book, it is my hope that additional information will be forthcoming. It would be most gratifying to uncover the definitive proof of relationship between David, Jacob, and Lawrence and to find the proof of service with Lafayette.

Consequently, I will continue to research this family surname.

Mrs. Pauline Grace De Lauter Fry
3734 Edgewood Drive
Rockford, Illinois 61111

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