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Frank Delawder

Rev. Frank Delawder Born 4 June 1878, married Bertha E. Hysell

Children of Frank Delawder and Bertha E. Hysell:

Louisa Delawder, born 10 Sept 1902, married George Shope (d 7 Oct 1948)
Elbert Delawder, born 12 Aug 1906, married 3 Aug 1969 to Helen Storms (b 19 Feb 1930)
Pearl T. Delawder, born 1904, died 1904
Elva Delawder, born 1910 n marr
Vada Delawder, born 28 March 1915, married (1) Charles Lovette; married (2) Willard Essman
Allard Delawder, born 21 Nov 1921, married Elise Conrod

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