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George DeLaughter

The following is taken from the book "De Lauter Families in America 1982",
a Genealogy by: Pauline Grace De Lauter Fry.

The following statements concerning George DeLaughter, progenitor of the southern branch, were furnished by Jerry DeLaughter, a descendant of James DeLaughter younger son of George, the progenitor.

In Book N. to W., page 44, edited by A.S. Salley, Jr., Secretary of the Historical Commission of South Carolina: Entries to Indents issued in payment of claims against South Carolina growing out of the Revolution: George DeLaughter was in the Militia of the state of South Carolina; under command of Lt. Colonel Anderson; served during the reduction of Charleston; last recorded July 12, 1785. (Soldier) Quoting from Sallie Strothers Hollingsworth (1925): "He was a member of Capt. (Drury) Pace's Company, Maj. LeRoy Hammond Reg. (see Johnston's Traditions of the Revolution)." (Capt. Drury Pace was an uncle of Charity Pace DeLaughter, w/o George).

Quoting from Notes on DeLaughter Family compiled by Sallie Strothers Hollingsworth (Genealogist): "George DeLaughter . . . His father has purchased lands in 96 District -- between the Savannah River and Stephens Creek, where George lived until his death in 1830."

"The Rev. George DeLaughter had a younger brother James DeLaughter, but this line has not been traced. He lived in Edgefield Co., in 1790, with a wife and one child. The family in Edgefield state he went to Mississippi about 1820."

"It is a matter of record in the Edgefield Minutes, that George DeLaughter helped establish Hardy's Church, near his home and where his remains lie buried, about a quarter of a mile from this church, his wife, son Absolom and two small children of Absolom are buried in the same plot. There are three stones here."

"The Edgefield Association is the sixth oldest in the State 1808, according to the minutes of Hardy's Church, of which The Rev. DeLaughter was member. The record is found in the April meeting of 1807." George Delaughter was minister at Big Stephens Church (organized 1774-1775), helped organize the first Baptist Church in Edgefield, 1823. Big Stephens Church afterwards became Hardy's Church."

1790 U.S. Census, Edgefield County, S.C. p. 62:
George Delaughter 1 m over 16, 2 females, 1 female
James Delaughter 1 m over 16, 1 male -16, 1 female
It is assumed that George DeLaughter died before 1790 since he is not listed in the Federal Census of that year. The name of George DeLaughter, Sr.'s wife is not known. her death by Indians is a family legend.

The will of George DeLaughter, dated Dec. 13, 1830, Edgefield Co. Wills Vol. 2, 1817-1835, sec. C, p. 497, names wife Charity (called Charlotte in one instance), sons Solomon, George, Absolom; daughters Eleanor Thurmond, Rebecca Taylor, Abigail Loyd; and grandchildren Randal and Drusilla (children of deceased son John), and John, son of Solomon. (John, son of Solomon, was a minor; Randal and Drusilla, minors.) (George DeLaughter was executor for settlement of estate of son John, 1812).

The will of Charity DeLaughter, dated -- June 15, 1842, recorded November 15, 1844, Will Book "B", p. 246 (Box. no 37, pkg. 1426) names six children, George DeLaughter, Solomon DeLaughter, Rebecca Taylor, Eleanor Thurmond, Abigail Loyd, and Absalom DeLaughter. (Charity DeLaughter was the dau. of Richard Pace and wife Sarah Day.)

Judgement Roll 272: Betsy Roper (widow of Daniel Roper, dec.). With children Goodwyn Roper, John Roper and Mary Roper-- married to George DeLaughter, Jr.; a little more than a year ago their mother the said Betsy Roper intermarried with George DeLaughter, Jr. 1824. Bill filed 1825. (Bible record--he died 1844; she died 1848).

Judgment Roll 170, Filed 20 Jan 1845: George DeLaughter, Jr. departed this life Dec. 1844, leaving a widow Elizabeth, and the following children (viz) Catherine, wife of John Harvey, Lucinda, wife of Richard I. Burton, and four minors to wit: Elizabeth, Susan, Rebecca, and George Jr. DeLaughter.

Judgment Roll #797, Bill for Partition: Nancy DeLaughter vs Elizabeth DeLaughter and others. Filed 18 Nov. 1843--that Absolom DeLaughter departed this life 12 Jan. 1843, intestate, leaving a widow Nancy and the following heirs: Elizabeth, Amos, Jasper, Pickens and Eliza Ann, the eldest (Elizabeth) about 14 years of age; mother Charity living).

The following will is from the son of George DeLaughter.

Will of George Delaughter Sr.
note: Born George Delaughter Jr.

In the name of God Amen, I George Delaughter  of Edgefield District in the State of South Carolina being in a loe state of health of body and calling to mind the unsertainty of life do ordain this to be my last Will and testament in manor and form following towit. 

First  I return  my Soul to almighty God who gave my body to earth to be buried in such a manner as my friends heare Shall think proper. 

2ely I give and bequath unto my grand Son Randol Delaughter and Drue Sillar thurmond Two hundred and twenty acers of land more or lefs to be Equally  between Said Randal & Druesillar also Two negro women Mill and Manda Mill to belong to Said Randal and Manda to Drue Sillar; Said Drue Sillar thurmond is to pay back one hundred dollars witch rec’d 

3rly I give and bequath unto my Daughter Elonor thurmond to hir and hir bodly heirs one track of land formerly belonging to Charlotte Lee granted to Snewson also one Tract on Said creek one hundred acres also one Jugment  for 2 hundred  and thirteen Dollars witch I paid Robert Carson all so five hundred Dollars paid to Robert Carson and fifty Dollars paid to Lerecan allso Two negro women lisa and mary and all their increase witch She has now in pereson to hir and hir heirs forever. 

4thly I give and bequath unto my daughter Rebecca Taylor the tract of land whare She now lives on also  
Two negroes that was lent to Elisah Swillirent named gim and peg and all their increase for Ever to be hir and hir heirs forever. 

5ly I give an bequath unto my Daughter Abigal Loyed one tract of land where She now lives and also one negro woman named meriah also one negro named polley & also one negro man named Ginerdal thrir increase to hir and hir bodyly heors forever 

6 sixly I give and bequath unto my son Solmon Delaughter one tract of land whare he now lives also Two negroes names mike and Jude also one Small tract of land whar h8is mill is Soposed to be ten acers more or lefs 

7ly I give and bequath unto my grandson John Delaughter Son of Solomon Delaughter one Small tract of land beginning at a spring on bruers Branch thence to a big pond on francis Briggs line near the Creek, thence along Said line to martintown Road, thence up Said road tp bruene Branch then Down Said branch to Said Spring or my Executos Absolom Delaughter has Choice to Keepe Said land and pay Said John five hundred Dollars when he arives at the age of Twenty one years old. 

Eightly I give and bequth unto giorge (George) Delaughter 1 peice of land on the S. East side of bruers branch beginning at marten town Road bounded by frances Briggs and Richard Jones and John R. Bartees and louis Currys also the pine woods land on the waters of hors  (Horse) Creek formly belonging to holesom back also one negro boy named Simson also two negro boys names brister & abrim 

9ninthly I give and bequath unto by Beloved wife Charlotte Delaughter one tract of land on the N West side of bruers Branch bounded on Said branch to love’s Curry, land thence Down Said Carters Road to the marten town Road thence to the Creek to frances Briggs land to have and to hold Duren her natural Life then to belong to my Son Abslom Delaughter 

10tenthly I give and bequath unto my Son Abslom Delaughter  one negro man named Joe also one negro boy names Toby also one negro garl named Eizecer---- 

11th I give unto my wife Carety Delaughter one Equal part of all my pursonal property Also the use of my Stock of Cattle and Hogs also all my Corn and baken---- 

12th I give and bequath unto my Son Absolm Delaughter all that tract of land lying on Stephens Creek and the mattento town Road Containing one hundred acers more of lefs known by the whit Chimney forever bounded on lovis Curry land and peter hancocks land------ 

13th my will ans Desire is that if aney of thease my heirs Should Die and leave no heirs then thir property to belong equaly to my other heirs------ 

14th my will is that all my pursonal estate that is notmentioned in this will be Devided between my wife and my Seven heirs by Choicing & eight froe holders to Devide for them each one him man 

15th and lastely I Constitute and apoint my fiends John Day George Delaughter and Abslom Delaughter Ececutors to this my last will and teatement heareby revoking all other wills what Soever be formely Maid in Witnefs whare of I hage heare unto Set my hand and Seal this 3 day of June in the yeare of out Lord one thousand and Eight hundred and thirty 

 Signed Sealed and Acknowledged in the presence of  

George Briggs 
James Briggs     George Delaughter 
John Day       (Seal) 

Recorded in Will Book "C" page 426, 427 & 428 
Recorded April 5, 1831 
Jn Simkins O.E.D. 
Box 36 Pkg. 1392 

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