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Gilbert Delawder

Gilbert Delawder U.S. Navy WW II, (born 1/22/1923, died 09/17/2002 in Queens, New York) married Agnes Errick (born 7/27/1926) on 1/28/1945 and had 8 children:

James Delawder born 11/29/1945

SONS: Anthony 7/14/1972, Matthew 5/6/1975, Dennis 2/23/1977

John Delawder born 7/18/1947 married Delores Burke on 12/16/1972

CHILDREN: Sean 5/26/1975, Danielle 12/31/1977, Nicolle 7/5/1984

Jeannette Delawder born 2/15/1953

Kathryn Delawder born 3/6/1954 married Leonardo Urbano, Sr.(born 5/16/1954) on 1/17/1976

CHILDREN: Lisa 2/13/1978, Lenny, Jr. 6/21/1982, Francine 1/29/1985, Steven 9/20/1990

Glen Delawder born 11/9/1956

Thomas Delawder born 9/13/1959

William Delawder born 12/8/1960

Mary Delawder born 6/29/1972

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