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Hattie Delawder

Hattie Delawder born 18 Oct 1891, died 28 Aug 1968, married 15 March 1913 to Rev Jess Sizemore (d 11 March 1954). Hattie Delawder died on August 28, 1968 of a heart attack and complications caused by diabetes. They are both buried in Puckett Cemetery in Pedro, Ohio

Children of Hattie Delawder and Rev Jess Sizemore:

Mary Ethel Sizemore, born 29 Dec 1913, married Joe Kidd
Rev James Elmer Sizemore, born 4 Oct 1915, married 17 Nov 1921 to Mary Roof
Carl Roy Sizemore, born 17 July 1917, married Ruth Sharp
Franklin Sizemore, born 6 Jan 1919, died 6 Jan 1919
Andrew L. Sizemore, born 11 Dec 1921, died 6 weeks old
Stella Sizemore, born 29 Aug 1923, married 3 May 1940 to Arthur Jiles (b 29 Aug 1922)
Myrtle Sizemore, born 30 Sept 1925
Vernon Sizemore, born 27 Oct 1932, married 6 July 1956 to Lillian Sparks (b 5 July 1942)
William C. Sizemore, born and died 21 Sept 1934
Emma Wanda Sizemore, born 15 April 1937, married 30 Jan 1952 to George Blagg (b 29 Dec 1927)

The following information was received from Christine Sizemore-Butler.

Rev. Jesse C. Sizemore

Rev. Jesse C. Sizemore son of James and Sarah Henry Sizemore was born November 4, 1888. He married Rose Donahue. Rose died while in childbirth with the second child. The surviving daughter was:

1. Selma Sizemore born February 25, 1910

Later Rev. Jesse C. Sizemore married Hattie Delawder (Delauder). She was born October 18, 1891. Their children were:

1. Mary Ethel born December 29, 1913
(Ethel and her husband Joe Kidd)

2. Rev. James Elmer born October 4, 1915
(Elmer and his wife Mary)

3. Rev. Carl Roy born July 17, 1917 (Carl and his wife Ruth)

4. Franklin born Jan 6, 1919 and died Jan 6, 1919

5. Andrew L. born Dec. 11, 1921 died approx. Jan 22, 1922 at the age of 6 wks.

6. Stella Alice born August 29, 1923
(Stella and her husband Arthur "POKE" Jiles)

7. Myrtle Mae born September 30, 1925. (Myrtle Mae suffers from infantile paralysis also known as cerebral palsy, polio and slight mental retardation. She may not speak, but can get her point across very well. She loves her family and friends. She likes to go on outings... especially the Annual Family Reunion. She is a joy to be around. She resides at Joe-Lin Care Center in Ironton, Ohio.)

8. Vernon Wood born October 27, 1932 (Vernon and wife Lillian)

9. William G. born September 21, 1934 and died September 21, 1934

10. Emma Wanda born April 15, 1937 (Wanda and husband George Blagg)

Rev Jesse C. Sizemore died March 11, 1954 of a heart attack. He served as an ordained minister for the State of Ohio. Hattie Delawder died on August 28, 1968 of heart attack and complications caused by diabetes. They are both buried in Puckett Cemetery in Pedro, Ohio

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