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Jacob Delawder

The following is taken from the book "De Lauter Families in America 1982",
a Genealogy by: Pauline Grace De Lauter Fry.

Blacksmithing among the Delauders of Barbour County West Virginia began with Jacob Delawder s/o Abraham who was born in Hardy Co. West Virginia. He had a blacksmith shop near the 4-H Camp Bridge. Family history relates that because Jacob made many rifles for the wrong side in the war, his anvil was stolen. Later a neighbor found the anvil in the creek and gave it to his son. The anvil eventually was returned to Darl, who is the only blacksmith in the family at this time.

At the West Virginia State Fair the anvil won a prize as the oldest anvil.

Solomon Delauder s/o Jacob Delauder was also a very fine smithy. He had 10 or 12 rifles made by his father which he sold for $25.

Darl Delauder worked as a blacksmith for a mining company for many, many years. A compliment from the owners of the mine gives us an insight into the high degree of skill that was possessed by Darl. For it was said, "This man can make anything." Darl made the statement to us, "I learned from my Dad and some common sense."

It was a pleasure to visit with Darl and hear him tell of his many experiences. He told of devising a special pin or holding device to be used in the mines. These were valued so much that when a shaft, or tunnel was to be abandoned a special pulling device had to be used to extract these pins so that they could be used again.

Jacob Delawder born 1 Jan 1787, died age 83 years, married 8 Nov 1821 (1) Barbara Feathers (b 21 Oct 1794); married (2) Elizabeth Stockwell (d 1904 age 76)
Children of Jacob Delawder and (1) Barbara Feathers and (2) Elizabeth Stockwell:
Mary Ann Delawder born 15 June 1822, married 4 March 1841 to Elias Fink

Madson Delawder born 17 Feb 1825, died 16 Jan 1846

Barbara Delawder born 2 Dec 1826

Catharine Delawder born 2 May 1829, married Samuel Knapp

Elizabeth Delawder born 5 Nov 1831, married 4 June 1854 to Stephen Strawderman (s/o Sarah Strawderman)

Jacob Delawder born 2 June 1834, died 22 March 1920, married 11 Feb 1863 to Sarah Keller Bennett (widow of Labon Bennett b circa 1829)

Morgan Delawder born circa 1847

Barton Delawder born 4 Sept 1852, died 27 Oct 1924, married 19 Oct 1873 to Deborah Anna Phillips (d 1894 age 40 yr)

Ely Delawder born 29 Jan 1854

Harriet Delawder born 1855 married 23 Dec 1874 to James Polk Knight

Nathan Delawder born 11 June 1857 died 6 Dec 1936 married 3 Dec 1884 to Barbara Ellen Cross (b 1860 d 1940 both buried Sugar Creek nr Belington West Virginia)

Sarah Jane Delawder born 24 May 1859 died 24 Feb 1936 married 15 March 1878 George Washington Cross

Christiana Delawder born circa 1865 died 25 Nov 1943 married 2 June 1879 to William Cross

Loretta Delawder born 15 May 1866, died 20 Sept 1951, married 19 Aug 1891 to Levi Fitzwater

Delilah Delawder born 15 Aug 1868, died 29 April 1934, married 11 Aug 1890 to Samuel Kelley

Solomon Delawder born 28 April 1870, died Dec 1939, married 22 Oct 1897 to Florida Dorcus Nestor (b Tucker Co., West Virginia 1 Oct 1871, died 19 Jan 1956)

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