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James Madison Delawder

James Madison Delawder was named after the sitting President of the United States.

James (the son of Lawrence, Jr.) Married his cousin Barbara (the daughter of his uncle Isaac who was brother to Lawrence, Jr.)

James and Barbara were Married on a bridge over Aarons Creek because of the grudge each parent had against the other. James and Barbara had 10 Children: Margaret Born 1835; William Born 1/26/1836; Eliza Born 4/15/1837; Nancy Born 3/6/1839; John Born 2/9/1841; Jeannette Born 1842; Alfred Born 7/30/1848; Archibald Born February 1851; James Burton Born 12/3/1853; Susan Born 5/22/1858

The following was obtained with assistance from Don Delawder living in Sugar Land, Texas


James Madison Delawder:Born:1812 Ohio Died Oct 24, 1871 and Married:Barbara Delawder Born:1814 Ohio daughter of Issac Delawder

James Delawder and Barbara Delawder's children:

Margaret Delawder: Born:1834 Ohio Married: Spouse 1) John Traylor (2 children); Spouse 2) Henderson Whitt son of John Whitt Born:1831 KY (6 children)
Elzaphan Whitt Born:June 1857 Ohio Married:Isa Dora Conway

William Delawder Born 1/26/1836 Died 2/10/1836

Eliza Delawder: Born April 15, 1837, died 10 Feb 1836, married (1) Julius (John) Mignor (or Migner) in 1855 Born:1831 Italy
Eliza Delawder married (2) Robert Aldridge (b 1828 in KY) after Julius' death.
Note: Robert Aldridge had 10 children by his first wife Catherine Neal

Nancy Delawder Born: 3/6/1839 Married: Lewis Ginnicks (born France March 21, 1832

John Madison Delawder Born:2/9/1841, Died 12/20/1899, Ohio Married on 2/24/1861 to Sarah Ann Loper Shreaves daughter of Enoch Loper
John Madison Delawder Pvt. Co. G 4th Reg. O Cav. Feb 27, 1864-July 15, 1865 Command of Captain Wm H. Smuckers
Susan Delawder Born: 27 March 1862, married 26 Feb 1881 to Frank Williams

Jeannette (or Jennetta) Delawder Born:1842, married (1) 30 Dec 1859 to James Loper Born:1837 Ohio son of Enoch Loper
Jennetta Delawder Married (2) Squire Jarrett Walters (d Feb 1898) after parting with James

Alfred Delawder Born:7/30/1848 Ohio; Died 10/31/1930; married 8 April 1869 to Mary Mellisa Lambert (died 12/31/1894) daughter of William C. Lambert

Archibald Delawder(Archie) Born:Feb. 1851 Ohio; Died 2/1928 Married: Lucinda (Tiny) Aldridge 1875 daughter of Mount Calvery & Minerva (Gillan) Aldridge

James Burton Delawder Born:12/3/1853; Died 1/18/1936; Married 15 jan 1874 to Martha Ann Gibson (b 18 April 1858, d 19 Jan 1924 buried with husband) daughter of Leonard Gibson

Susan Delawder Born 5/22/1858, Married 9/3/1879 to Jasper "Jack" Boggs

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