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William Bowers DeLaughter

William Bowers DeLaughter had acquired a goodly sized family before leaving Cumberland Maryland by covered wagon train to Belvidere, Illinois (where they wintered). Incidentally this part was told to me by Alexander Cromwell who was a soldier in the northern army (civil war). The Cromwells had left Vermont by wagon train. The Hortons had left New York by wagon train and at some point met in Pennsylvania. We in North Dakota, called Mr. Cromwell, Grandpa, but he was really the uncle of Grandma Jennie Alice Horton who married Daniel Bowers DeLaughter, as Isaac Horton married Charlotte Cromewell who told me this story of the trip west.

The three wagon trains traveled together for mutual protection from Indians and French bandits, who robbed and killed and made it look like Indians had done it.

At Belvidere, Illinois where they had hoped to get squatter land from the Government, it had all been taken and they just worked for others for a year to make enough money to go on. The DeLaughters went on to Minnesota. The Cromwells and Hortons went to Iowa which was a wild place yet at that time.

Daniel B. DeLaughter had met Jennie Horton on the trail and later went to Iowa and married her and stayed there in Woodbury County all his life. He is my grandfather.

From information furnished by Joyce Daniels Harris, I was finally able to separate the DeLaughters from the O'Niels. Florence O'Niel whose maiden name was Florence Morton of English descent had married Reubin O'Niel an Irish school master. They had four children before Florence divorced Reubin. Their names were Hattie Emma O'Niel, who married Charles Daniels the father and mother of Joyce and Ambert Daniels; Frank O'Niel who never married; Maude O'Niel who married a man named Trach; and Mamie O'Niel who married a man named Van Auken.

Joyce Daniels Harris lives at 1733 Cascade Vista, Burlington, WA 98233. She has been of great help in sorting out the family and is a retired school teacher and writes short stories for magazines. her sister Ambert has also been a school teacher, but has died some years ago. Ambert Daniels never married.

-- John Daniel Goldsmith 1977 --

William Bowers DeLaughter b 14 April 1823 d Nicollet Co., St. Peter, MN 9 Oct 1898 m (1) Mary Robbins (d Kasota Twp LeSueur MN 30 March 1877 54 yrs); m (2) Florence Oniel

Children of William Bowers DeLaughter and Mary Robbins:

John H.W. DeLaughter b circa 1848 d 3 Dec 1912 m 1884 Catharine Estelle (d 16 July 1900 bur Nicollet Co., St. Peter MN)

George DeLaughter b circa 1848 31 in 1880 U.s. Census m 22 March 1871 Mary Emma Morton (b MN 30 yr in 1880 U.S. Census)

Martha Rebecca DeLaughter b circa 1852 m Keith Hatcher

Joseph DeLaughter m 10 May 1877 Mary Ann Law

Daniel Bowers DeLaughter b 1856 d 25 Feb 1919 m 1880 Jennie Alica Horton (b 22 April 1860 d 27 Nov 1932)

Emma DeLaughter b 7 Feb 1860 d 18 May 1916 m 5 Oct 1880 Charles Peter Davis (b 23 Feb 1860 d 27 July 1921)

Samuel Stockman DeLaughter b 10 April 1861 d 7 July 1945 m Mary Jane Barlow (d/o Henry & Margaret Prather Barlow of Trinity Springs IN b 8 Aug 1866 d 5 Jan 1947)

Ella DeLaughter m Kale Woodward

Catherine "Kit" DeLaughter b St. Peter MN 10 Nov 1869 d 10 April 1942 m Sanborn MN 23 Nov 1887 Geo. Washington Davis homestead b Lake Emily MN 27 Feb 1865 d Cleveland MN 23 Nov 1948 s/o Isaac Van Norman & Catherine Pettis Davis) and (2) Florence O'Neil

William DeLaughter, Jr. m Anna Rasmussen

Walter "Wad" DeLaughter never married

Jessie Lydia DeLaughter b Nov 1885, d Nov 1958 m Charles Hall no children

Nellie Myrtle DeLaughter b 28 March 1890 d 8 June 1976 m (1) 1906 George Merton Palmer (b 16 March 1884 d 1 Nov 1949); m (2) Edward nyquist (d Masonic Home)

Clair "Buddy" DeLaughter

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