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The Lucinda Delawder and Aldridge Family Genealogical Connection


The following email was received on April 4, 2000 from Sandy Holderby regarding the Aldridge family line (including Lucinda Aldridge-Delawder).



Hi Glen,

        This is just some I have on our Aldridge line.  Hope you enjoy!





The First Generation


        Guillaume Duduit, Sr. was born before  June 15, l770.  He married

Genevieve Largo in France.

        Child:  Guillaume Duduit, Jr. b. June 15, l770 Province of Basses,



Second Generation


        Guillaume Duduit, Jr. b. June 15, l770 Province of Basses, France

                        married: l789, Paris, France to Agnes Dessot

                        married: Andrea LaCroix  July 3, l8l7 Scioto Co., Ohio

                        d. April 5, l835 Green Township, Scioto, Co., Ohio

                        buried:  Duduit cemetery, Green Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio


                        Agnes Dessot  b. June 15, l772 in France

                                            d. July ll, l8ll Green Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio


                        Andrea LaCroix b. Sept. 30, 1799 in French Grant, Scioto                        Co.  to

Andrew and Marie Avaligne and d. Sept. 13, l869

                        Haverhill, Scioto Co., Ohio     


                        Child: Agnes b. l796 (one source says Alexandria, Va.

                                another Gallia Co., Ohio.  Married Presley Gillellen

                                (Gillen) Dec. 6, l810 Scioto Co., Ohio. She died

                                ca. l845 Lawrence Co., Ohio



        Monsieur Guillaume Duduit was another French settler of the Grant who

lived there during forty of the most active years of his life.  He came

down the fall of 1796 and built a cabin and made other preparations to

take possession of his lot.  On the 21st of March, l797, five families

landed in the Grant and commenced work on their respective lots, viz?

Duduit, Bertram, Gervais, Lacroix and Dutiel.


     Duduit was a hard worker and went immediately to clearing his land

and farming.  It is altogether probable that he raised a very

considerable crop of corn and other vegetables that year.  If so, he can

claim to be among the first successful farmers of Scioto County.


     His parents were wealthy.  They lived about seven leagues from

Paris, and were engaged in agriculture.  He was born in the year l770.

His father died when he was quite small.  His education was very limited,

being sent to school where the teachers were wholly incompetent to teach.


     He early learned the trade of silversmith, and lived in Paris.  In

l789, he joined the revolutionary party under LaFayette, and was at the

storming and taking of the Bastile.  This was the first act in the great

drama of the French revolution, which proved so bloody in its results.

However, Mons. Duduit escaped the horrors of that revolution by marrying

a young wife and embarking for America in the colony of French emigrants

who were to settle in the wilderness of Ohio.


     It is not necessary to speak here of the trials and difficulties

they had to undergo in reaching their new home in the west.  They arrived

at Gallipolis in the year l790, and young Duduit comprehended at once the

whole situation.  He saw they had been deceived, and without

extraordinary exertions on their part they must suffer for the

necessaries of life.  Their main dependence for support was on the wild

game of the woods.


    Young Duduit, as if by instinct, took as naturally to the woods as a

young duck does to water.  He soon became an expert hunter and an

excellent woodsman...two qualifications almost absolutely necessary to

the success of a pioneer.  The Indian was raging at that time.


     Col. Sproat, who commanded the military post at Marietta, appointed

four spies and scouts for the protection of Gallipolis..two French and

two Americans.  Duduit was one of the Frenchmen.  He, in company with

Major Robert Safford scoured the country between Marietta and the mouth

of the Scioto.  Through their vigilance and timely notice of the approach

of hostile Indians, Gallipolis was saved from any depredations of any

great consequence.


    One time, while out hunting in the night, his dogs chased something

up a tree.  He waited for the moon to shine out bright in order to see

how to shoot.  As soon as he got fair sight of the animal which appeared

to be in the act of springing at him, he fired, and brought down a large

panther, shot through the heart.  One time he was out hunting, in company

with some other Frenchmen.  They were very cautious for fear they might

fall into an ambuscade of Indians.  As they were passing along a

hillside, Duduit was behind the others.  A deer came within range of his

rifle, which he fired at and killed.  The French, supposing they were

fired on by Indians, fled in every direction as fast as their legs could

carry them.  Duduit hung up his deer as quick as he could, and hastened

back to the village.  The others had returned and reported that they had

been fired on by Indians and that Duduit was killed.


     He soon relieved them of their fears as to Indians, and for them to

go to where they heard the firing, and they would find a fat buck hung



     Duduit was among the first to come to the Grant.  He was a hard

worker, and unlike Mons. Gervais went immediately to clearing his land

and farming.  In a few years he had fine orchards, the peach trees being

very productive.  He had a small distillery, for the purpose of

distilling his own grain and fruit.  His farm was next below Valodin’s

about a mile below Haverhill.


      Madame Agnes Duduit died July ll, l8ll.  Her education was refined,

being from an aristocratic family.  She was mother of 13 children, of

whom three died infants.  The others were, according to age, Agnes, born

at Alexandria, soon after they landed; Caroline, Virginia, William, Oyet,

Fanny, Frederick, John and Desot who was born at the death of his mother.


     M. Duduit remained single for six years, and on July 3, l8l7, he

married Mille Faire Lacroix in her l7th year, and he in his 47th year.


     M. Duduit was out in the war of l812.  While at Sandusky he was

recognized by an Indian who said that he had seen him while he was a spy,

and that he could have easily have killed him, but he was afraid of his

dog, which Duduit constantly had with him.  And if he should kill the dog

he was afraid of Duduit.


     The children of the second consort of Mons. Duduit were eight in

number.  Mary Catharine, born April 14, l8l8; Emily, Eliza, Adaline,

Francis Edward, Nancy Mariah, Andrew Lacroix and Louis, born Nov.23,

l834, making seventeen living children in all doing pretty well for one

man toward populating a new country.


     Mons. Duduit died suddenly April 5, l836, being 66 years of age.

The cause of it is related to have been a spasm of suffocation.  It

happened in the night.  He had been employed the day before in the barn

at a kind of work in which he was forced to inhale an atmosphere full of

vegetable dust.


     He was a believer in the Christian religion though he never belonged

to any Protestant church.


     His industry made him respected, and obtained for him good property.

 After the death of Mons. Valodine, he obtained his home farm and the

fine buildings thereunto appertaining, in which he lived at the time of

his death.


     He was a great hunter, a good farmer, an affectionate husband, a

kind father and an honest man.  (From James Keyes book on Scioto Co.





Third Generation


Agnes Duduit b. l796 (Gallia Co., Ohio or Alexandria, Va.) married


Gillellen (Gillen) in Scioto Co., Ohio Dec. 6, l8l0.  Pressley was b.


Va. s/o William and Hannah Achlen Gillellen.  He died before March 30,

l860 in Lawrence Co., Ohio


Children:       Samuel b. l8l6 Lawrence Co., Ohio

                Virginia Jane b. July 29, l816 married Andrew Jackson Lunsford

                        Nov. 12, l835 Lawrence Co., Ohio.  She d. dec. 26, l888

                        in Leslie Twp., Todd Co., Mn.

                Delia b. cal8l8 Lawrence Co., Ohio married James Blankenship

                        Feb. 26, l835 Lawrence Co., Ohio

                +Manerva b. June 9, l827 Lawrence County, Ohio married

                        Mount Calvary Aldridge Oct. 26, l848 Lawrence Co.

                        Ohio.  Died Oct. 16, l916 Lawrence Co., Ohio

                Catherine b. cal831 Lawrence Co., Ohio married Robert

                        Aldridge Oct. 7, 1847 Lawrence Co., Ohio.

                        d. July ll, l878 Lawrence Co., Ohio  (Robert was a

                        brother of Mount)

                John b. cal8l0-l815 m. Debra Delong 23 Jan. l831

                June b. ca.l836

                Henrietta b. cal8l0-l820 married Joel Davidson 9 Oct. l835

                Joseph b. cal822 married Sarah Davis 4 April l841

                Nancy b. cal8l0-l820 married Frances Delong 22 Jan. l831




Fourth Generation


        Virginia  Jane Gillellen (Gillen) b. July 29, l816 Lawrence Co., Ohio

married Andrew Jackson Lunsford Nov. 12, l835 Lawrence Co., d. Dec. 26,

l888 Leslie Twp., Todd Co., Minn.  Andrew J. b. l815 Va. s/o William

Henry and Mary Lunsford.  He died Feb. 4, l896 Carter Co., Ky.

        Children:       William G. b.l838

                        Presley b. l841

                        John W. b. l843

                        Andrew b. l845

                        Levina b. l847

                        Isabel b. l844

                        Clarence M. b. l851

                        Thomas B. b. l853

                        Dempsey b. l857

                        Reuben b. Oct. 7, l858 Ironton, Upper Twp., Lawrence

                                Co., Ohio married Arietta Hallsted l884. d. Nov. 22,

                                l931 Leslie Twp., Todd Cy., Minn.


(This family appears in the Elizabeth twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio census

records for l840 - l880.  In the l880 census Virginia age 63 is living

with son Reuben.  It appears that she moved with her son Reuben although

her husband was still alive.  Have not found out why as yet.)


        Delia Gillen b. ca l8l8 Lawrence Co., Ohio  married James Madison

Blankenship Feb. 26, l835 Lawrence Co., Ohio.  She died before l860 in

Lawrence Co., Ohio.  James b. l8l5 in Ohio s/o Andrew and Hannah Rankin

Blankenship.  He died l887 in Ceredo, Ill.  He is buried in Wesley Chapel

cemetery, Eldorado Twp., Saline county, Illinois

        Children:       Malinda b. l836 Lawrence Co., Ohio

                        Pressley b. l838 married Mary Jacks. d. July l, l906

                                Lawrence Co., Ohio

                        Bartley b. July 8, l839 Lawrence Co., Ohio married

                                Millie Fisher #1; Martha Markin #2.  d. Oct.

                                ll, l896.  He is buried in Woodland cem., Ironton


                        William “Rily” b. l842 married Isabelle Rayburn

                        Andrew b. l845 d. June 25, l916 Lawrence Co., Ohio

                                never married

                        Matilda b. Feb. l850

                        Esther b. l857

                        Henrietta b. l859


(James evidently married after Delia’s death an Eliza ? who was born in

Ireland.  They are found in the l880 Saline Co., Ill census with two


Charles ll born in Ill and Eddy 8 born in Ill.  He is recorded as 65 yrs

old and she is listed as 52)


        Catherine Gillen b. cal831 Lawrence Co., Ohio married Robert A. Aldridge

Oct. 7, l847 in Lawrence Co.  Robert was born l827/28 in Ky. to

? Aldridge and  Nancy ?  Catherine died  July 11, l878 Aid Twp., Lawrence

Co., Ohio.  Robert remarried Oct. l9, l880 to Eliza Delawder.  He died

May 12, l908 in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Robert and Catherine are buried in

the Dennin Cemetery, Aid Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio.

        Children:       Robert, Jr. b. Feb. 14, l863 Lawrence Co., Oh., married

                                Della Cron Jan. 13, l893 Law. Co., Oh. d. May l7,

                                l936. Buried in Sugar Creek Bapt. Church Cem.

                                Lawrence Co., Ohio

                        Lydia M. b. l849 married Henry Dunlap Jan. 29, l867

                                Lawrence Co., Ohio

                        Nancy Jane b. l853 Lawrence Co., Ohio married July 21,

                                l869 William Isaac Walter

                        Mary Ann b. l855 married #1 Fielden Dickens Jan l, l877,

                                #2 Charles Miller Aug. 14, l88l, #3 Nicholas Loper

                                Mary Ann d. l936.  She is buried in the Aldridge

                                cemetery, Aid Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio

                        Oliver Perry b. Jan. 27, l856 Elizabeth twp., Lawrence Co.,

                                Ohio married Mary Elizabeth Allison. d. Dec. 26,

                                l935.  He is buried with Mary at the Puckett cem.

                                Elizabeth Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio

                        Henry Walter b. Jan. 12, l872 Lawrence Co., Ohio

                        Phebe b. l866

                        Marquis Lafayette b. l868

                        Isom b. l867 married Mary Dalton Jan. 25, l893 in                               Lawrence Co.,

Ohio;  d. Oct. 12, l944 buried Woodland                         cemetery, Ironton, Ohio



        +Manerva Gillen b. June 9, l827 Lawrence Co., Ohio married Mount Calvery

Aldridge Oct. 26, l848 Lawrence Co., Ohio.  She died Oct. 16, l916 Aid

Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Mount was b. Dec. 26, l823 in Ky. a s/o ?

Aldridge and Nancy ?  (He and Robert were brothers and Manerva was

Catherine’s sister)  Mount d. Jan. 28, l895 Pedro, Elizabeth Twp.,

Lawrence Co., Ohio.  They are both buried in the Aldridge family

cemetery, Aid twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio.  This cemetery is located on the

land where they lived and is now a part of Wayne National Forest.

        Children:       +Susan Lucina b. May 24, l854 Lawrence Co., Ohio                                        married

Archibald Delawder March 15, l874 in                                    Lawrence Co. She d. April 2,

l950                                            Lawrence. 

                        Alace Allafair b. l859 Aid Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio

                                married Jeremiah French April 7, l883.  She

                                d. Jan. l9, l890 and is buried in the Aldridge cem.

                        Mount C. Jr. b. l862 Aid twp. married Ann Partlow Sept.

                                13, l880 in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Mount was

                                killed in a mining accident at the Etna Furnace

                                May 20, l888.  It is believed he is buried in the

                                Aldridge cem.

                        Mary Jane b. Nov. ll, l864 Aid Twp. married Thomas

                                Webb Feb. 2, l889 Lawrence Co., Ohio.  She

                                d. Dec. 4, l951 in Lawrence Co. and is buried

                                in the Etna Cemetery, Lawrence Co., Ohio

                        Nancy Ellen b. l850 Lawrence Co., married Isaac Arbaugh

                                Sept. 16, l869 Lawrence Co. She died Jan. 22, l916

                                and is buried in the Aldridge cemetery

                        Isaac N. b. Dec. 6, l872 Aid Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio

                                    d. Feb. 23, l877 Aid Twp. Lawrence Co., Ohio

                                buried in the Aldridge cemetery

                        Marcus D. b. Oct. 6, l869 Aid twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio

                                married Rosetta Brown Dec. 24, l889 Lawrence Co.

                                Ohio.  Marcus d. Feb. 5, l946.  He is buried in the

                                Aldridge cemetery

        (two other children were born to this family and probably died as

                infants before l900.)


This is Manerva's side, now here is Mount's (some of it will be

repeated)First generation:


? Aldridge married Nancy ? either in Va./Tenn./Ky. take your pick,we

don't know yet.  Sometime before l830 (the first time she appears in Law.

Co. census records) they came to Ohio.  They had the following known



        James b.l815 Ky. married Harriet Loper 20 April l837 Lawrence Co.

                (her father was James Loper)  Harriet born in Ky. l821

                Children:       Hammon Williamson married Sarah Harr, April 9,

                                        l861 Ky.  He died July 28, l911

                                Stephen H. b. ca.1843

                                Mary Ann b.cal846 married Marcus deLafayette

                                        Aldridge l8 Jan. l866 s/o Stephen. Mary

                                        Ann died March 28, l9l6

                                Nancy E. b.ca1848

                                Joseph W. b.ca1850

                                James D. b.ca1852 married Lida Henry 15 July l88l

                                        Law. Co., Ohio d. Nov. 14, l9l9

                                Enoch b.Feb.l855 married Sara Sutton 8 June l879

                                        in Law. Co., Ohio d.25 June l929

                                Amanda b.cal857


        Stephen b.l8l8 Ky. married Elizabeth Brumfield 5 Jan. l836 Law. Co.

                Children:       Marcus De LaFayette b. l850 married Mary

                                        Aldridge Jan. l8, l866 d.Dec. 12, l912

                                        (see above)

                                Stephen H. b.l849 married Anna Lucas Feb.4, l866

                                        Law. Co.

                                Minerva b. l837

                                Nancy b.l838

                                Elizabeth b.l840

                                James M. b.l842

                                M.G. (male) b.l844

                                Harriet b.l846

(one source says this family moved to Arizona.  If this is true it would

have been after l860.  Marcus and Mary stayed in Law. Co.  The others

probably went with the family.  I did not find them in l870 in Law. Co.)

        Sarah married Samuel Fillenger ( I do not have anything on this family

yet. I was given wrong information on one of the daughters and just found

it out)

        Robert b.l825 Ky. married Catherine Gillilan Oct. 7, l847 Law. Co.,

Ohio.  d.May 12, l908.  He married # 2 Eliza Delawder Migner l9 Oct. l880

in Law. Co.  Catherine was born l831 in Ohio; d/o Pressley and Agnes

Duduit Gillilan.  (her sister Manerva married Robert's brother Mount)

Catherine d.July ll, l878 in Law. Co.

        Children:       Robert, Jr. b.14 Feb. l863 married Della Cron 13 Jan.l893

                                Law. Co. d.May 17, l936

                        Lydia M. b. l849 married Henry Dunlap 29 Jan.l867 Law.


                        Nancy Jane b.l853

                        Mary Ann b.l855

                        Oliver Perry b.27 Jan. l856 married Mary Elizabeth

                                Allison d.Dec. 26, l935 Law. Co., Ohio

                        Phebe b.l866

                        William Isom b.l867 married Mary Dalton 25 Jan.l893

                                Law. Co. d.12 Oct. l944 Law. Co.



                        William G. b.Feb. l870

                        Henry Walter 12 Jan l872

                Children with Eliza:

                        Joseph b.l7 Nov. l881 married #l Jennie Hunt 14 July l905

                                #2 Ida Bowens 20 Jan. l915

                        Grace b.l880 married #1 John Delawder; #2.Robert Miller


        Mount Calvary b.26 Dec. l823 Ky. married Manerva Gillilan (later

shortened to Gillen) 26 Oct. l848 Law. Co. (sister to Catherine) Mount


28 Jan.l895 Pedro, Elizabeth Twp., Law. Co., Ohio.  Manerva b.9 June l827

d.16 Oct. l895 Pedro. 

        Children:       Susan Lucina b.24 May l854 Law. Co.

                                married Archibald Delawder 15 March l874 d.2

                                April l950 Law. Co.

                        Alice Allafair b.l859 married Jeremiah French d. l9 Jan,


                        Mount C., Jr. b.l862 d.20 May l888 in a mine accident

                                married Ann Partlow 13 Sept. l880

                        Mary Jane b.ll Nov.l864 Law. Co. married Thomas Webb

                                2 Feb. l889 d.4 Dec. l951

                        Nancy Ellen b. l850 married Isaac Arbaugh 16 Sept. l869

                                d. 22 Jan. l916

                        Isaac N. b.6 Dec.l872 d.23 Feb.l877 (according to death


                        Marcus D. b.6 Dec.l869 married Rosetta "Zetta" Brown

                                24 Dec. l889 d.5 Feb.l946 Law. Co.


That's the beginning information.  There has been a lot of confusion

regarding all the Marcus' especially Mount's son Mark.  A close look at

census records, death certificate, and esp. his obit. tells me he is

Mount's son. (his sister's names, Lucina Delawder and Jane Webb are

listed as surviving him)


Also there were more Nancy's and Mary Ann's then you can shake a stick at

and I'm still trying to sort it all out.  A curious thing I found was

when the they settled in Law. Co. in l830 they came to Mason Twp., not

far from where we live.  It is now government land and has a large

man-made lake on it.  Nancy also married #2 David Green on 2 June l833

Law. Co., but evidently did not stay with him very long.  I always find

her living with someone else and she is not mentioned in his will.  They

must have been incompatible!


This is what I have so far on our Aldridge line, I have the capable help

of another Aldridge on this family.  She has a lot of info that she is

going to share with me when they come back from wintering in Fla.  She

knows Gertie's daughter Daisy Kaiser very well.




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