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(On December 22, 1999, I (Glen Delawder) received the following very informative email from Jean Delattre.)

Familly of David Delattre senior borned La Bassée (near Lille, Flanders)

From Jean Delattre, Seclin France (near Lille)


After many searchs on the web and in the french archives, I have found a David Delattre, christened 12/25/1611 (25 décembre 1611) in Norwich (Norfolk, England) whose father was Guillaume Delattre (gillaume de Lattre). They were walloons (huguenots of the north of "France", France is with quotes because this land was not really the property of the King of France).

This is an interpretation of the history of the huguenot Delattre's familly:

Guillaume Delattre emigrate from the actual north french territory during the religious's war for England. He has a son, David. David come back in France (with the help of The Edict of Nantes, note that Henry IV was murdered in 1610). David may have brothers and sisters?

David may have three sons:

Martin borned 1655 (+/- one year)

David borned 1656 (+/- one year) -à your ancestor

Thomas borned 1657(+/- one year) -à my ancestor

Or David had brothers whose sons were Martin and Thomas.Years of birth of Martin, David and Thomas seems to be th real fact.

Guillaume Delattre

David Delattre(1611-after 1656) unknow Delattre

David Delattre(1656-1726) Martin Delattre(1655) Thomas Delattre (1657)

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Glen Delawder Jean Delattre

These options must be verified.


Merry Christmas and Happy new year.




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