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David De Lattre, Sr.


David DeLattre born La Basse, near Lisle Flanders, France; died 14 Jan 1726 Schifferstadt, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany (froze to death--age estimated to be about 70 years old)
First Wife married about 1695; name of wife is unknown
Second Wife married before 1700 Margretha _________? and she died 1701 buried on April 16, 1701
Third Wife married May 22, 1701, Anna Maria Reipelin (daughter of Jacob Reibel) born about 1671 and died on Nov. 13, 1735 in Klein Schifferstadt, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany

The following is taken from the book "De Lauter Families in America 1982",
a Genealogy by: Pauline Grace De Lauter Fry.

When it became evident that a more authoritative source was needed in our search for European roots, I turned to Charles and Frankie Hall of Heritage International, Salt Lake City, Utah. The following is an excerpt of their finding:

"David De Lattre I; born "bei La Basse unweit Lisle" (Lille) in Flanders, carried into Germany, baptized in Oggersheim when he was a quarter year old, died frozen 14 Jan 1726 near Schifferstadt. Buried 16 Jan 1726 in Grobshifferstadt, aged about 70 years (Schifferstadt Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany)

Scriptures read at his burial: Gen.31:40, Ecc. 40:10, the text - Psalm 73:25-26

Children listed include David II christened 1700 and Jacob christened 1705. No marriage record is listed for Jacob. However, David De Lattre s/o David married Anna Elizabeth Geringer 22 Sept. 1718. Five children are listed: Johann Nicolaus, Christina, Johann Henrich, Maria Catharina and Phillipp Lorenz."

The following article was received from Marty Fisher. The article appeared in the Frederick Post on October 2, 1989 entitled "Origins of Huguenot Delauter families" by Calvin E. Schildknecht (Special to the News-Post).

Recently through a letter from Mrs. Pauline Delauter Fry of Elgin, Ill. to Dorothy S. Ranck we learned of records in the German book Hugenotten in der Pfalz by Helmut Kimmel Obersickte concerning David de Latre.

The Protestant church of the village of Iggelsheim near Schifferstadt recorded the death in 1726 of David deLatre age 70 who had fled from persecution at LaBasse near Lille in Flanders (northeast France). He had two children by second wife Margaretha and seven children by third wife Anna Maria Reipel. The latter was a daught of the Mayor of Friesenheim. David must have been brought to Germany by his parents since he was baptised in Oggersheim when he was 3 months old. The parish books of Iggelsheim from 1603 are in the State Archives at Speyer in the Pfalz.

A later David Delater who died in 1766 was naturalized in Frederick County in 1749 and with wife Anna Barbara had a son Johannes born August 6, 1749. Sponsors of the baptism recorded by the Reformed Church at Frederick were Johannes and wife Maria Brunner. Frederick Luthern records state that Anna Barbara was born Sept. 29, 1707 in Harsfeld, Durlach, near Pforzheim south of Heidelberg. She died in Frederick County on September 23, 1783. She was a daughter of Johannes Georg Kelli. Anna Barbara had first maried Jacob Hess and after his death she married David Delatter with whom she had two daughters and one son.

The Reformed Church in Middletown recorded that Jacob Delater and wife Elisabetha had the following children:
Anna Barbara born Dec. 28, 1753
David born April 15, 1754; baptism sponsors were David and Barbara Delater.
Heinrich baptized May 16, 1758.
Anna Maria born Nov. 11, 1766; sponsors were Johannes Brunner the elder and wife Anna Maria.

Jacob Delater was naturalized in 1762. The Varle map of 1809 shows a Delater living near present Wolfsville.

A Johannes Delader signed the original Ordinances of the Reformed Church in Frederick in 1756.

A young John Lorentz Delader was a catechumen at the Reformed Church in Frederick in 1754.

It seems possible that the three immigrant Delauter brothers by tradition were these David, Jacob and John.

Mrs. Fry stated that Jacob was baptized in 1705 was a son of David and wife Anna Maria (Reipel). After Jacob's death Elisabetha married Jacob Zimmerman.

Mrs. Fry believes that the original French spelling was DeLaterre.

The telephone directory of the Frederick area in 1988 contained 29 Delauters, 5 De Lauters,
7 Delauters, 5 De Lauders, 1 Delaughter and 2 Delawders.

NOTE: "I think that the "7 Delauters" is a typo and supposed to be 7 Delauders as they already list number for the spelling of Delauter."

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