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The following is taken from the book "De Lauter Families in America 1982",
a Genealogy by: Pauline Grace De Lauter Fry.
NOTE: This article is also posted on The Lawrence Register Website




Early Families of Aid Township--Big Panther Killer

(Copyrighted by T. O. Walton)

The Daily Register, February 23, 1905

Jas. Dick lived on Johnís Creek in S. 7th where Dalton since lived, he was a noted hunter. He killed many panthers, wolves and bears. He killed a panther which was over ten feet in length from the end of his nose to the end of its tail. Lawrence Delawder married Mary Laithliter and settled near Powellsville then on Johns creek in Sec. 7. His wife died and he went back to Shenandoah, Va. and married Mary Sivers; brought her back and lived on Johnís creek until he lost his mare and other property. He then went back to Hardy county, Va., where he died. His son Lawrence married Ester's, daughter of Jacob Halterman, and settled at French Grant and then entered a half section where Clinton Furnace now stands. There he had so much sickness he would not stay. He sold out and bought in S. 16, T. 4, R. 17, on Aaronís creek and moved onto it in 1823 where his son John now lives, and is dead. His child Elizabeth, married Michael, son of Mitcheal Bowen, and is dead. Of his children, Anna married Geo. Monk. Wm. Polly married a daughter of Jno. Wallace, Ison, son of Russell Garrett. Ester married Wm. Monk. They parted and she lives on Cranesnest. Jno.married Mary, daughter of Jno. Neal. Lawrence Jr.'s child married Jason, son of John Rose, and is dead. Godfrey married Menerva, daugher of Wilson Nance, and died and he married Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. Burke, and is dead. His child Jane married Isaac, son of Lewis Massie, and lives on Storm's creek. He owns a part of the Pancake farm. Mary married Wm. Fields. Lawrence Jr.'s child, James Madison, married Barbara, daughter of Isaac Delawder, and lived and died in S. 17, on Aaron's creek. Of his children Margaret married Henderson, son of John Whit, Eliza married Jno. Migner; Nancy married Lewis Jennicks. Jno. Madison married Sarah Ann, daughter of Enoch Loper. Genetta married James Loper. They separated and she married Squire Walters and lives in S. 18 at the head of Stormís and Aaronís creek. Alfred married Melissa, daughter of Wm. Lambert. Archibald married Tiny, daughter of Mt. Calvery Aldredge. James Burcham married Martha, daughter of Leonard Gibson. Lawrence's child, John, married Nancy, daughter of Geo. W. Davis and lives in Sec. 16. His child James Madison, married Mary, daughter of Jos. Belote and lives in Sec. 15. Mary Ann, married Robt. Weaver and is dead. Caroline married Madison Kidwell. Henry Randolph married Arminta, daughter of David Burnes. Barbara married Jacob, son of Andrew Kiser. He is dead, John married Mary, daughter of Leander Gibson. Lawrence Jr.'s child, Nancy married Beryl Stephens and moved to White river, Ark., and was killed by the Indians. Mary married Marqus Chainy and is dead. Her child, Thos. married Martha Reed. Lawrence's child, David married Mary, daughter of Jno. McCarthy. She is dead and he lives with his brother Jno.

Wm. Pence married Margaret Wheeler and settled where Jas. Bradshaw now lives. In 1818 he was a farmer and a house carpenter. He died on his farm, and had no children. Jas. Baldwin married Susan Delawder whom Pence raised and Bradshaw became owner of the premises.

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