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David (Delator, Delader) De Lattre, Jr.

The following was taken from the book "De Lauter Families in America 1982",
a Genealogy by: Pauline Grace De Lauter Fry.

An emigration record of 1741 was found for a David De Lattre living at that time in Edenkoben, Germany. It is assumed that David Delator arriving on the ship Saint Andrew 2 Oct 1741 and the David De Lattre of the emigration record in Germany are one and the same person.

Very little is known of this early family. The will of David Delader, written 30 Apr. 1757 and probated 18 Feb. 1767, speaks of "George William Delader (my eldest son) and Maudelina Silver, wife of Mathias Silver (my loving daughter). My dear wife Anna Barbara Delader and my living children Johannes Delader, Catherine Delader and Barbara Delader."
Anna Barbara Delader, wife of David Delader was the daughter of Johannes George Kelli, born 29 Sept. 1707 in Harsfeld Durlach. Her first husband was Jacob Hess. The church record states that she and David had 2 daughters and one son all living at her death 24 Sept. 1783.
An emigration record found in Germany for Anna Elisabetha Seyffert "married to David Delator and emigrated with him."
From the above records we assume David Delader who emigrated from Germany in 1741 to have been married three times.
I found no further records in Maryland of George Delader, son of David Delader.

(It is believed that that Phillipp Lorenz and Lawrence is the same person.)

David Delader born circa 1700, Germany; d: Bef. 18 February 1767 in abt 1766, in Frederick Co., Maryland.
Married First Wife 22 Sep 1718, in NE America, Anna Geringer
Married Second Wife bef 1741, Anna Elisabeatha Seyffert; born in Edenkoben, Germany (emigrated to U.S. with David)
Married Third Wife about 1745, Anna Barbara (Kelli) Hess born 29 September 1707 in Harsfeld, Durlach; Died 23 September 1783 in Frederick, MD
    Children by Anna Barbara (Kelli) Hess:
      • Catrina Dellarter born in MD
      • Barbara Delader born in MD
      • Johannes (John) Delator born 01 June 1749; died 15 May 1804 in Stackhouse Graveyard, Poplar Springs, MD, married 27 Apr 1773 Sibylla Meyern (d 8 Nov 1816, 68 yrs bur Stackhouse Cem Poplar Springs, MD)

The Will of David Delader

In the Name of God Amen  I David Delader of Frederick County in the Province of Maryland Farmer being in good Health of Body and of sound Disposing Mind, Memory and understanding do make and Ordain my last Will and Testament in the Form following First and principally I Recommend my Soul into the Hands of God Almighty and Remit my Body unto the Earth by decent Burying at the Discretion of my Executors herein after named assuredly  by trusting to the Mercy of Christ Jesus my Redeemer for eternal salvation both of body and soul at the Resurrection of the Just. and on touching my Worldly Estate.  

 I dispose the same as followeth.  Towit I give and Bequeath unto my Dear Wife Anna Barbara Delader the third part of my personal Estate   

Item I give and Bequeath unto George William Delader (my Eldest Son) the sum of One Shilling Sterling.  

Item I give and Bequeath unto my Loving Daughter Maudelina Silver wife of Mathias Silver the sum of Five pounds Current money.  

Item I give and Bequeth unto my Loving Children Johannes Delader, Catherina Delader and Barbara Delader all my personal Estate of what nature or kind soever to be equally Divided between them my Wifes third part thereof being first deducted.  

Item  I give and Devise unto my Loving Son Johannes Delader his Heirs & assines for ever all that Tract or parcel  of land called Race Ground on  condition that he pay unto my Loving Wife the sum of Five pounds Current money xxxx (word striken out) yearly  During the Term of her Natural life and also pay unto my said Daughters Catherine Delader and Barbara Delader the sum Thirty pounds Current money each.  

But my Will is that the said Legacys of Five pounds to my Loving Wife yearly during life XX the sums of Thirty pounds Current money to my Daughters last mentioned is not to be paid them until my said son Johannes arrives to the Age of Twenty-one years and that my said Wife shall  posses  &  Occupy the said land until the said Johannes arrives at the Age in lieu of the said Five pounds for that Time  

And I do hereby Constitute and appoint my trusty friends John Bruner and Jacob Bruner Executors of this my last Will and Testament. And lastly I do hereby  Revoke all former Wills by me at any time made.  In Witness whereof  the said David Delader have to this my last Will and Testament set my hand & Seal this Thirtieth Day of April in the year of out Lord one thousand seven hundred fifty seven.  

Signed sealed and published in the                                 his  
presence of us, who subscribe our                        David  X  Delader  
names as Witnesses, in the presence, &                       mark  
at the request of the Testator.  The word  
yearly being ????? Interlined  

Stephen Ransbury  
Michael Stumpf  
Henrich Shover  

( This will was probated Feb. 10, 1767 About 10 years after it was written)

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